imaginary unit

experimental dub.


textures from the amazon rainforest with cumbia chants and an enframing beat.

On your way (imaginary unit remix).

Dream Circle’s spiritualized song ‘On Your Way’ off their most recent LP, Soul Technology, gets the international remix treatment. From imaginary unit’s spaced out dub remix via Cartagena, Colombia to classic drum & bass from Germany to Dutch style house for the club, its an anthem that will reverse those creeping feelings of powerlessness.


dʌb/noun: dub; plural noun: dubs
  1.  an instance of dubbing sound effects or music.
    “the level of the dub can be controlled manually”
  2. a style of popular music originating from the remixing of recorded music (especially reggae), typically with the removal of some vocals and instruments and the accentuation of bass guitar.

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